Ggaba, The Disabled Children’s Centre

In the beginning of 2018, ABS Foundation trustee, John Lees, travelled to Uganda and Rwanda to carry out research on sustainable, locally run, community projects.

Following several meetings and discussions with various charities it was decided that the ABS Foundation would commit funds to support Ggaba, The Disabled Children’s Centre on the outskirts of Kampala. The Foundation contributions will support physiotherapy treatment for cerebral palsy victims for three years. Right now, just over 30 children are assigned to the project with CP and other physical and mental disabilities.

Sidsel Krarup Bjerrum from Denmark met Betty Nankabirwa in the Ggaba slum. Betty knew there were many disabled children living without support and as an educator knew that modest input could and should help physically and mentally disabled children as victims of Ggaba’s poverty. Support Disabled Children Ggaba was founded in January 2015.

The project is a day care centre, built in a former goat pen, which aims to help children with disabilities live a fuller life by spending time each day playing games, learning basic skills and forming wonderful friendships.

In places like Ggaba, CP is a condition stemming from extreme poverty and results in neural damage which then causes difficulties in physical development. As mobility is limited, the children’s muscles and joints become stiff which is where their need for a physiotherapist is vital. The day care’s physiotherapist Simon, has been with them since the project started.

Each Friday, Simon takes the kids through exercises to gain strength and teaches their mothers how to perform additional exercises to stretch ligaments and strengthen muscles.

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