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Dixons Marchbank is a primary academy with an onsite nursery based in Bradford, West Yorkshire with approximately 500 students and staff.

Dixons Marchbank are privileged to care for and educate children from the local community supporting learners for their next step in education.

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The Challenge

Dixons Marchbank needed to contain their rising print costs caused by uncontrolled and unsecured print methods previously available to staff and students.

In addition, managing wastage was a key requirement. For example, uncollected print jobs were used as scrap paper. All of this was anchored by the all-important goal of reducing print associated costs at the top of their agenda.

A Better Way

After in-depth research into possible solutions and taking into account all the key requirements of Dixons Marchbank, we suggested the implementation of a fully managed print service (MPS). This solution was backed up by automated consumable, billing and service request software to limit the amount of time required from the academy. All technical challenges and requirements were led by a team of highly skilled engineers and software specialists supporting any ongoing maintenance of the solution.

Based on these equipment changes and the implementation of a full MPS, the school saw an initial saving of £5,200 in the first year. This saving is expected to increase to well over £6,000 per year with the help of a managed print solution.

Since introducing the solution the academy have not increased their printing budget, staff and students have adapted well to using the solution and now think before they print thus saving money and reducing the environmental impact of printing. This was achieved by implementing simple print protocols:

  • Staff were assigned their own personal four digit pin code for access to multifunction devices, this was a key part of the solution which solved the document security requirement and also helped in the reduction of waste. Current data shows unreleased print is over 1500 sheets of paper.

Three new print queues were created:

  • Black and White – This print queue was configured with duplex printing at its heart and was the default print queue for all staff. 

  • Colour: This an optional queue for staff only when colour is required.

  • Students: This queue was defaulted for all student printing and required authorisation prior to print output.

  • All printing was held within these new print queues until released by the staff member by using the personal ID Number, on the device a list of print jobs was presented enabling the staff member to only print what was required.

  • Printing filters were configured to automatically convert all emails and internet prints to mono, this has cut the amount of unrequired colour printing within the academy. Current data shows an 80% mono to 20% colour split across all multifunction devices.

The academy now plans to remove all personal printers from staff offices and implement print quotas for staff and departmental print requirements, additionally the academy plans to use the advanced printing filters within PaperCutMF enabling staff and students to work smarter.

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