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ABS virtual office tour

Our network installer Elijah has spent the past six months in an energetic explosion of creativity. In his own time, Elijah used a 3D computer graphics programme (Blender 3D), to create a virtual tour of our office.

With the use of Blender, Elijah constructed each element of our HQ, along with taking photos to recreate a spectacular animation showing our warm and welcoming environment.

The original model was completed in November however, due to our big rebrand which was launched internally to staff in January, the animation needed to be adapted to our new friendly look showing not only core values but the spirit of our culture.

Vast advancement in technology means we are able to communicate our personality through various pieces of software such as Blender 3D or Adobe products.

Our flythrough is designed to capture the imagination as to what it would look and feel like to work within the ABS environment, all from sitting at your desk, on the sofa or even playing pool.

The journey begins with a view of the building showing our new signage and brightly coloured branded vehicles. We walk through to the warehouse where all of our new and remanufactured photocopiers and printers are kept along with toners and spare parts. You may even be able to spot our recycling station.

As we go upstairs you can see that all staff are welcomed with bright colours and motivational messages along with drawings from Eliya Children’s Home where the ABS Foundation constructed their infirmary in 2014.

As the door opens into the main office you can see all our favourite albums hung up and the new, BETTER ABS branding adding to our unique personality.

Elijah commented “At ABS we are encouraged to be actively involved in all areas of the business so I began working on, in my own time, a 3D walkthrough of our office. This was a tough project as there were lots of elements to recreate and I wanted to represent our HQ perfectly. I also used the original designs of the wall decals to keep the walkthrough as accurate as possible. “

He went on “It was great to work with the marketing department and play my part in this fantastic rebrand. It was a lot of fun to make and I would definitely do it again.”

Now you have seen our office in 3D, why not pop in for a brew or a game of pool and meet our talented team. You never know, we may even be able to help you find a better way to print and copy.