So, what is managed print?

To put it simply, managed print gives you the ability to track and control your documents from the moment you hit print to retrieving it from your printer.

Not to boast or anything, but we’re managed print specialists, which means we offer bespoke, effective, but more importantly, simple solutions that suit your business and its needs.

Our solutions mean you can apply certain filters or restrictions to your documents. So for example, if you’re trying to reduce the amount of colour printing in your business, we can restrict unnecessary colour and ensure it’s done in B&W by default which saves you a wedge of cash.

Or maybe you’re trying to reduce the amount of paper you use? Easy!
We can simply add a restriction which means unless specified, all printing is done two-sided, which also saves you a wedge of cash.

Managed Print Toner Levels

So, what can managed print
do for your business:

  • Dramatically reduces your carbon footprint

  • Gives you control over consumable stock such as toner

  • Provides valuable user data

  • Provides instant equipment security

  • Powerfully increases document security

  • Saves you a wedge of cash

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