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A Better Way to Secure Printing

Unsecured printers can put your entire network at risk. Before we get started, check out what HP have to say on the matter:

To see if you have the necessary security features in place, ask yourself or your IT department these following questions:

Secure Printing

Secure printing is more than just protecting your documents. Focusing your attention on device, data and document security from desktop to printer is more important than ever.

If you answered no to any of the above questions, ABS can help you stay ahead of the game.

Device security

Our printers can stop an attack from the very start and can even self-heal. They have their very own unique security features including:


  • Detects and stops attacks
  • Initiates repairs without you having to lift a finger

Check settings

  • Checks and fixes device security settings
  • Our secure settings stops jobs from being changed and saved copies from being re-routed or accessed

Data security

Protect and encrypt your data from corruption.

Stored data

  • The internal hard disk stores any job that it processes; the software will overwrite temporary data as soon as the job is complete


  • Holds jobs until the user authenticates with PIN or ID cards to release the job at the printer
  • Protects confidential documents and deletes unclaimed prints

Track and control

  • Securely track and control printed documents, scans or copies and gain control of your printing environment and costs
  • Enforce print rules
  • End to end encryption

Fear that your printers and documents are not secure? If so, contact us today for a free print security audit.