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Inside scoop, an apprenticeship like no other!

Want to know more about our business? What a perfect way to find out by asking the newbie.

She goes by the name of Kat Smith.

Kat Smith apprenticeship

Who Is This Person?

It was at Benton Park School in Rawdon where Kat discovered her love of photography and all things creative. Her progression to Leeds Art College schooled her in Graphic Design.

Since graduating with a degree in Graphic Design she has been working on a wide portfolio of photography and graphic arts projects.

Kat is a seriously driven individual! She has a unique and energetic approach to work and life in general, which borrows much from her involvement with other expressive activities, most noticeably dance. Creativity leading to more creativity; that’s Kat in a nutshell.

So, what has Kat been up to in her first six months at ABS UK?

Not knowing there was a whirlwind of developments about to happen at ABS, and she’d be swept up in it, the ABS team introduced her to the world of print management.

As part of the current three year plan, Kat was brought on as a Digital Marketing Assistant. To be able to portray the business on the big world of the web she needed to know the ins and outs, and fast!

Her first six months have been filled with vital ‘you-need-to-know’ stuff; Customer Service, Tech Support, Remote Support, Account Management, Service Administration; all key elements to the ABS business.

Kat’s creative talents have been tested and she has survived to tell the tale. Some of the key projects she has been involved in include:

– Photographing and designing of artwork for a corporate social responsibility (CSR) seminar delivered by our Marketing Director Dave at Leeds Business Week.

– Flyer and email template design for one of the ABS Foundations key charitable projects, HomeRun.

– The planning and successful attendance at Brand Yorkshire exhibition in Harrogate.

To top it all, at the end of a successful 2017 Kat was fortunate enough to play an integral part in a company-wide rebrand (part of our three year plan). Working alongside our Marketing Director, Dave and branding agency 10 Associates. Kat, over a four month period, has helped implement a new, better ABS for everyone!

Opinion? (Don’t Ask Her That!)

Kat said. “It wasn’t what I was expecting at all. This is my first office-based environment experience and I am loving it. There is a real relaxed atmosphere and my colleagues play pool on their lunch breaks…Work hard, pool harder”.

“They’re not just a normal company either; ABS really cares about their staff and the wider community. This really shows in their new branding (which I can’t believe I helped create) and through their own charity arm, the ABS Foundation, which funds projects here in the UK as well as in the developing world”.

Dave, Marketing Director, added. “Kat has settled in brilliantly and it already feels like she has been part of the team for much longer. She is a quick learner and seems to love acquiring new knowledge and skills”.

He went on. “It’s only been six months and Kat has already played pivotal roles in some amazing projects and there is still more to come. I’m sure she will play an invaluable part moving forward”.

Welcome to the world of managed print Kat, we hope you like it!