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ABS Celebrates Staff Anniversaries

We are delighted to be celebrating the anniversaries of three wonderful members of our team. Brett, Jonathan and Sharon have been with ABS for 25, 20 and 10 years respectively and here they give us some insights into their roles at ABS and their life outside of work.

Meet our new team-Toby
  1. Tell us a bit about yourself and your role within ABS.

B:    I am the Chairman of ABS although my main role is as Sales Director, I am responsible for the company’s sales strategy, the products we sell, and the markets we target.

S:     I am a Service Administrator and I am the first port of call for customer queries and requests. These requests can vary from placing a toner order to requesting an engineer.

J:     I am currently working as an IT helpdesk technician in the ABS IT department, the role involves speaking to many different people with an array of different computer and network-based problems and trying to resolve these remotely or on site.

  1. How has the world of printers and photocopiers changed since you began?

B:    It is completely unrecognisable. When I started 25 years ago our target market was mainly small companies and schools who wanted a simple black and white photocopier. Today over 95% of machines are networked for printing and scanning, most customers have some form of software on their machines, and 99% of devices sold are colour capable.

  1. What is the funniest thing that’s happened to you in your years at ABS?

J:     Whilst reversing the van into the warehouse I managed to knock ex-Service Director Jeff into an upturned empty machine box as he was guiding me in to the space!

  1. What do you find most challenging about the world of printers, photocopiers and IT?

B:    The biggest challenge is being different from the competition, whilst still being competitive. Obviously continuing to add new customers and grow as a business is also a big ongoing challenge.

S:     Keeping up with the fast pace of technology. The evolution of models and toners means I need the knowledge to make sure everything is correct for our customers.

J:     Troubleshooting the variety of different hardware and software problems as there are so many different programs and hardware solutions to do the same job.

  1. What tools do you find indispensable for accomplishing your day to day tasks?

S:     At the moment it’s our new service management software, it is my main workstation and has everything I need to deal with customer requests effectively.

  1. What topics are you personally curious about?

J:     Currently I am learning about network connectivity, internal combustion engines and orchids, the first for my job and the other two are hobbies.

  1. Who are your biggest influences and who do you admire the most?

B:    My biggest influence was my dad, he taught me to always try and do the right thing, to be nice to people, and to stay level headed through good and bad times. In terms of business I really admire Richard Branson. I love his ambition and drive, I also love his desire to try and make any industry he goes into as good as it can be, he doesn’t always succeed but he always tries.

S:     I have to say my mum and dad, they set me on the right road. Also, my husband and his army friends. I spent the first 10 years of my marriage as an army wife, the things I have seen and heard have changed my outlook on life.

J:     My biggest influence was my late mother, she encouraged me to pursue a rather eclectic range of interests. The person I admire most is Jeff, my old Service Director here at ABS, he knew how to motivate his staff and make sure everyone was working to their best abilities.

  1. What’s your favourite thing to do when you’re not working?

S:     I love spending time with my kids and grandkids and going away in our caravan. Lately, I have also got into crocheting! (A proper granny hobby).

  1. What’s the best thing about your job?

B:    I think the best thing is that I get to meet some really good people, both colleagues and customers. I feel lucky that I am in a job that I love.

  1. What animal would you be and why?

B:    I think I would be a Labrador. I’m loyal, fun, I love food, walking and beaches!

S:     A cat, they get to come and go as they please, they also get lots of attention and treats.

J:     Possibly the hardest question on the list! Probably a giraffe as they are tall, covered in patterns (like me with all my tattoos) and quiet but sociable.

So, there you have it folks! We hope you enjoyed reading about our most valued assets, our staff.

We would like to thank Brett, Sharon and Jonathan for all of their hard work over the years and we look forward to celebrating your next milestones here at ABS.