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Customer Support & CO2 Emissions – The ABS Solution

First, some hard maths.

In 2018, ABS generated approximately 46.2 tons of CO2 emissions while carrying out engineering support visits on customer sites. That high number is better than it was back in 2016, when the figure was 51.9 tons, but we want to do much better, while at the same time looking after more customer devices more quickly than ever before. It’s a stiff challenge but we know how to get there.

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The Target

We have set ourselves the task of getting CO2 emissions down below 35 tons by the end of 2021 and below 29 tons by December 2023. One of the keys to achieving these targets is the increased use of remote support.

Before we let you know how this benefits you and the planet, we need first to explain what “remote support” actually is.

In almost all customer situations your devices have the potential for us to access and ‘work on’ your equipment remotely. In simple terms this means engineers fixing your equipment when faults and errors occur without actually being stood next to the device.

And remotely supporting customers is not new to us; for those customers who have print management systems or IT infrastructure managed and maintained by us, we have been remotely supporting their system for almost 10 years so we are provably skilled and knowledgeable in this highly technical layer of support. We just want everyone to benefit from it.

Remote Support – the benefits

The Planet

Fewer miles mean less CO2 – reducing our emissions (by over 17 tons) has no downside and lets us support more customers better than before while driving fewer miles. It is that simple.

Downtime – Customer Inconvenience

When a device develops a fault it usually does so when you’re using it most. That harms your efficiency and the smooth operation of your organisation. Remote support will, in up to 32% of breakdowns/service events, reduce equipment downtime from 5.25 hours to less than 90 minutes.

Interrupting your colleagues

As great as we know our technicians to be (and how much they appreciate the cups of tea you ply them with) the fact remains that when they arrive, they interrupt what some of your colleagues are busy doing. We’d like that kept to a minimum and remote support helps us do just that.

Our Guarantees

  • No “ifs” and “buts”, if we cannot correct your equipment fault remotely, we will still visit and complete the repair to the same deadlines. Guaranteed!
  • There is no additional charge for this extra service. We intend to support you in an even better way because, well, that’s what we do, but there are no charges for this additional layer of support. Guaranteed!
  • What are the technical risks to your operation and its IT infrastructure? Whether we access your device remotely or ‘in-person’, we follow the same security protocols. For extra security, remote ABS access is via AES (256-bit) session encryption at all times. Guaranteed!

Finally, if you have any queries, CO2 saving tips or any advice you’d like to share get in touch!